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Come join Deep beatZ for one last end-of-semester extravaganza!Elijah B Torn (aka Charlie Foxtrot, aka Thaddeus Ignatious Torn) is a sonic-vigilante, boombastic bass-blipping, live-looping, hand-wired light show-providing, sonic assault. Born with looping device in-hand, Torn has been creating electronic music for well over fifteen years. But you won't find him checking his email on-stage! Along with his laptop, he plays electric bass and guitar, which are used as the centerpieces for creating fresh textures & sounds. No sound is safe from Torn. From cassette tapes to field recordings, Torn uses them all to create his signature playful sound which has been heard on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic and WNYC’s New Sounds. His second album “You are Lucky I am Not a Vigilante” is currently out on iTunes. He has also remixed tracks for the acclaimed experimental jazz/rock trio Hans Blix in addition to winning composer awards through his work with recording studio, MassiveMusic. This guy is an absolute genius and is coming to Ithaca for one night only!

Opening the night will be local electronics genius David Ezra Brown. Some of you may know Brown as one-half of the local hip-hop/ electronics group, D.A.M.A.G.E. Still equipped with the same cool gear: Ableton Live (laptop), drum pads, synths, and other hardware, Brown's new solo project meanders in a more jazzy, downtempo direction, focusing on the lusciousness of each beat. Dave's got a ton of fresh new material - so come early!

Rounding out the night will be Ithaca's inimitable queen of deep beatZ, DJ Laika. Known for instigating audience head-nods and body grooves while checking her email, Laika's dj sets combine lush, sexy sounds with a good dose of futurism. She's definitely a big fan of the Berlin-style minimal techno sound but one can expect to hear multiple electronic genres and music that draws heavily from acoustic elements in jazz and hip-hop. Accompanying Laika will be visuals by local awesome VJ, Philosophia.


Cornell Concert Series 2009-2010 season brings some of the most dedicated and engaging artists of our times to Bailey Hall


Ithaca, NY - Drawing from the ancient Japanese capital of Nara to the breezy platform at President Obama's inauguration, the Cornell Concert Series 2009-2010 season brings some of the most dedicated and engaging artists of our times to Bailey Hall. The new season opens on Sunday, September 20th when Gabriela Montero – perhaps most familiarly known worldwide as the "inauguration quartet" pianist in fingerless gloves – presents a solo recital featuring live improvisations in classical style. The Series continues to highlight the classical, with Haydn and Mozart symphonies performed by the Mozarteum Orchestra of Salzburg in October. This concert is in honor of Herbert Gussman Professor of Music Neal Zaslaw's 70th birthday, thus also celebrating Cornell's own tradition of scholarly distinction in 18th-century music studies.

The Cornell Concert Series remains committed to Western classical programs but also encompasses a broader spectrum of art musics, On Sunday, October 4th, the jazz superstars Dave Holland, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Chris Potter and Eric Harland make a rare appearance together as the Monterey Quartet, bringing the thrill of live performance and the dynamic sounds of the Americas to Bailey Hall. From the other side of the globe, the taiko ensemble Yamato arrives in November with a full array of traditional Japanese drums, and in April 2010, Zakir Hussain and the Masters of Percussion come with their instruments. Spring 2010 also features Armenian-Canadian soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian, French pianist Alexandre Tharaud, and bassist Christian McBride and Inside Straight.

Subscription and Ticket Information

Series subscriptions can be ordered beginning April 30, 2009. The deadline for priority seating is May 31; after that date, seating arrangements from previous seasons cannot be guaranteed. Tickets for individual events will go on sale in August 2009.

More information - including complete series listings, dates, ticket prices, and more - is available HERE or by calling the administrative office at 607.255.5144 to request a season brochure.



Astronomy iPhone Applications Let Your Imagination Fly from Earth to Planets and Moons With the Flick of a Finger


San Francisco April 30th, 2009 . To celebrate International Astronomy Day on May 2nd, iPhone users can download the leading astronomy applications - Distant Suns and Grand Tour . for discounted prices of $3.99 and $2.99 respectively from May 1st through May 3rd.

Four hundred years ago, a scientist in Padua, Italy, took a child's toy and pointed it towards the heavens; what he discovered would give birth to modern science. The toy was a telescope and the scientist was Galileo. Now, exactly four centuries later, people around the world . from professional astronomers to the more casual sky watcher . prepare for International Astronomy Day this Saturday.

Grand Tour, launched only this month, uses the high-speed graphics in the iPhone and iPod Touch to simulate a flight across the solar system. Updated every second, the positions of the planets are accurate to the current date and time and are constantly changing, so no two views are alike. Furthermore, the Earth's weather patterns are updated once every three hours, enhancing the realism and showing what our planet would look like from the vantage point of your own personal weather satellite.

Distant Suns on the other hand goes deeper into the universe, depicting not only the solar system, but also the evening's sky from anywhere on earth . essentially it's a planetarium in your hand. With little more than a flick of a finger users can jump from east to west, from the northern skies to the southern and see what the heavens have in store for the day.

"The ability to take one's iPhone, aim it at the sky and identify that that bright yellow "star" in the south is actually Saturn, and then "fly" out to Saturn to look back at the earth would have been considered lunacy even a few years ago," explained the developer of the applications, Mike Smithwick.

"If only Galileo had had an iPhone, he probably wouldn't have needed his telescope."

For further information about National Astronomy Day please go to:

Media Contacts

Mike Smithwick


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Dear Friend and Supporter,Today we have lost yet another. Frankie Manning, dance innovator and honorary leader of the present-day lindy hop community, passed away this morning - July 27th, 2009.

In addition to his many contributions to the art of lindy hop, Frankie was part of the Tony Award winning dream team of choreographers on the Broadway production of "Black and Blue" which also included Cholly Atkins, Henry LeTang, and Fayard Nicholas.

We have posted some online resources at, and will send information regarding further events as we receive them. In the meantime, take a moment to remember the joy that has been spread by this wonderful man.

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